The Pursuit For ebay

The Pursuit For Ebay's #ThingsDontJudge 


For Ebay's "Things Don't Judge" campaign, we documented stories of three unconventional people - from a woman marine conservationist living on an island to hand-made guitar makers in the foothills of the Himalayas. Using photo narratives, 360 videos and video features, we brought a new way to experience a day in the life of these rebellious folk. 

Tara Jain By Madhumita Nanaid

For The Love Of The Sea: Nayantara Jain

Dive right into the serene world of Nayantara Jain, a Marine Conservationist and defiant Island girl who found comfort in the fact that #ThingsDontJudge


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The Perfect Note

The men, in the foothills of the Himalayas, who wind strings through guitars broke many more with eBay.in to find out that #ThingsDontJudge


Creative direction: Yashas Mitta & Naveed Mulki
Cinematography by:
Shaktiraj Singh Jadeja & Ankit Mehrotra
Pankaj Singh
Sitara Hussein
Naveed Mulki
Yashas Mitta
Madhumita Nandi 
Business Mgmt.: Rishabh Malhotra
For: 22feet Tribal Worldwide