Secret Of The Sea

Secret Of The Sea

Diving into the depths of the Andaman ocean to explore a shipwreck, to uncover a well-kept secret.

Expedition, Story & Words by Yashas Mitta
Underwater Photography by Sumer Verma
Dive Shop: Lacadives

At 32 feet deep, by the edge of a channel surrounding the main Andaman Island and Rutland island, there lies a mysterious shipwreck that has yet to reveal its identity to anyone. Many believe it is a Japanese ship wrecked by the British navy, and others believe that it is the last of hope of the British minesweeper that exploded under its own mine, paving way to the Japenese invasion of the Andaman Islands. I trained with Sumer and his incredible team at Lacadives for this challenging dive for about a month. 

The expedition was one of the most moving experiences of my life. And as for the identity of the ship – read the story here.