Mukha Media

Mukha – An independent, global creative collective.

Mukha Portraits Laurene Boglio - Yashas Mitta
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illustrations for Mukha's re–launch by French artist, Laurene Boglio

Mukha's new site designed by  Novel Design Studio , Denver, U.S.A.

Mukha's new site designed by Novel Design Studio, Denver, U.S.A.

Co–Founder & Creative Director

What started as simple zine to share a new perspective of life, soon became a canvas to collaborate with a global creative community, and tell stories of people who are at the forefront of redefining what life and all its quirks mean. 

Mukha has collaborated and partnered with photographers, designers, writers and design studios from over 15 countries, connecting them together to tell stories from over 12 countries.  

Mukha today is a part digital publication experimenting with multiple formats of collaborations, and a part storytelling studio based out of India & Singapore. Bringing brands, stories and and a global creative community together. It has been featured by TEDx, Grazia and others as one of the top indie publications out of India.