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Jagger Chocolates

Jagger Chocolates Yashas Mitta

Jagger Identity Development & Design

World's first chocolates made of jaggery

In collaboration w/
Prasad Ramachandran

It all started when...

When Mr. Girish Ramanathan, coming from a family of Indian chocolatiers, called me in an almost child-like excitement to tell me about his new kind of chocolates. Sugar less yet sweet yet healthy. A combination of Belgian chocolate and one of the most traditional natural sweeteners in the sub continent - Jaggery. 

I wanted the brand to be driven by a story-first approach rather than a tradition visual-first approach. So as a device, I wrote a story about a European man, obsessed with chocolate, sets on a world trip to find an alternative to sugar. After traversing the globe, he arrives in India and finds his answers in Jagggery. In that process, he turns into a Sadhu and renames himself "Jagger" - one who believes that jaggery is the answer to all questions. 

To add a dash of humor to the visual identity of the brand, I worked with Prasad Ramachandran and together, we bought this unique character and story to life, that extends not only as a logo but into the entire brand's language.