Immersive Stories

Aranmula Kannadi - A 1000 year old story of a glassless mirror.

Creative Direction, story & words: Yashas Mitta
Photography: Madhumita Nandi
Design: Deepu Sasikumar
Front-end: Tom Jose
Back-end: Raghunath J

Focusing on telling stories beyond templates, we wanted to bring back the beauty of print magazines to digital – content driven design. After spending more than a week in Aranmula to document this complex story of how a unique glassless mirror that saved the life of a blacksmith, is now the identity of the town a 1000 years later, we decided it was best told as we experienced it. 

To create a theatrical digital experience, we crafted an immersive microsite, designed from the ground up, in a manner as beautiful as the story itself. Bringing together photography, writing, design and technology, this was a true collaborative feat. 

Hopes & Reflections

Rajendra & raja Raja Varma, the last two men of the royal bloodline in Aranmula, unknowingly guard an intricate legacy with a metal mirror like no other.

Moving images trailer – animated by Akshay M V

Making of the Aranmula Kannadi

Making of the Aranmula Kannadi